How often do you get in your own way?

Do you tangle yourself up in proverbial knots?

We often do a very good job of overcomplicating things for ourselves and allow fear and anxiety to creep in. I personally have had this happen in the past.

But just like I am able to detangle the root ball of my bonsai tree as I am repotting him, we can do the same for ourselves.

The metaphor continues, often we get all tangled up because we have been planted in the same spot for too long and need to be taken out of our comfort zone and stretched & pruned a little bit.

There is a better way to manage your workflows and your personal life flows, it is called developing a clear strategy. If you have a clear picture of where you are going professionally, which most of us could use a refresher on, building a plan makes good sense and is vital to achieve that vision.

If you want to learn more about how I work with clients, send me a DM and let’s set up some time to chat.

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