1:1 Coaching

3 month intensive coaching program aimed at helping individuals discover their ikigai, authentic selves and find Work:Life Harmony.

Discover Your Ikigai Retreats & Group Coaching

Do you have a team or group of 3-12 people? The group coaching and retreat option might be a good fit for you. 2 day Virtual or In-person retreat options are available along with post retreat virtual group coaching. Aimed at helping teams discover their ikigai together and create Work:Life Harmony in the workplace.

Book Purchase Options

Looking for a signed copy of one of my books? or a bulk order of books? Did you know I also do Keynote Speaking on my books?

“Steve made this process, which can be very daunting, simple and it was a very effective starting point because it helps inform everything that comes next. What comes next is a set of tools and tactics to help you execute and deliver on the things that matter the most and will make the most difference.”

— Zaher Hulays

“The biggest lesson I would say that I would take away from this is about its power to transform. Your processes start to change. Some things we don’t even do anymore, but the biggest thing I can take from it is that it transformed us. Not just at work. My life, and the way I tackle problems or issues are different.”

— Kevon Johnson