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Are you feeling more like a “firefighter” than a leader? That is, you feel like you have to put out the “flames” of bad business decisions made by others. Do you often feel that you don’t have control over your time or future? Perhaps you need to learn how to work and live with more harmony utilizing the thoughts and techniques of ancient samurai warriors.

Many times we just don’t know how to get started to find the harmony we want. What I have discovered is, you can learn how to integrate the Bushidō and Continuous Improvement principles to do exactly that. We all have the capability to shape the direction we want our lives to take, and the people who we want to serve in our professional pursuits.

The big question that you need to answer for yourself is:

Am I living to work, or am I working to be able to truly live?

Take the principles in this book, make changes to the way that you approach life, and be able to say yes to the latter part of that question. After reading these pages, you’ll be better able to connect with yourself, and discover parts of who you are that you didn’t even know existed.

Always Improving: Lessons from the samurai™ is now available on Amazon in Trade Paperback, Audio & E-Book formats.

Companion Workbook & Journal for the book “Always Improving: Lessons from the samurai”

Discover how to create more work:life harmony by going on a 12 week, self-guided journey of developing yourself around the 8 virtues of the Bushidō code. Each week includes:

  • Reading assignments
  • Journaling prompts
  • Exercises to enhance your understanding of both continuous improvement principles and the virtues of the Bushidō code
  • Additional Notes section for you to jot down ideas or other thoughts

Always Improving:Lessons from the samurai™ Journal & Workbook is also available on Amazon in Trade Paperback

Learning To Climb: Lessons from the mountains, applied in the boardroom.

Want to guarantee your leadership improvement? Take my lessons learned leading in the mountains and apply them in the boardroom.

Follow along on a guiding trip that I was an assistant guide in July 2022. In reflecting on that trip, I draw some of the many parallels to leading and guiding in the backcountry with direct application to the business world. Here are 6 Lessons I go into detail on:

  • Leadership Lesson #1: It doesn’t matter how fast you can go if your team can’t keep up
  • Leadership Lesson #2: It is more important to meet people where they are… rather than trying to force them into discomfort
  • Leadership Lesson #3: Don’t assume that everyone is going to follow you just because you have a leadership title
  • Leadership Lesson #4: We don’t have a lot of control over the events that happen around us, but we do have control over our response to them
  • Leadership Lesson #5: Success happens if you have a plan and truly lead your team to help them stay on track and on time
  • Leadership Lesson #6: Although it is important to have a plan, you must be willing to make a change if the situation requires it

Learning to Climb is available at no charge in exchange for your email address.

This journal is a 52 Week Leaders Standard Work Planner. It is set up with 4 Quarters each with 12 Weeks of Daily Tracking and 1 Week of Quarterly Planning (Standardize/Do). This journal also has a weekly Hansei (self-reflection) practice built in as part of the Weekly Review to do a regular adjustment (Check/Action).

The intention behind this 52 Week Journal is to capture each week’s tasks and reflections all in one place. As you go through each week, keep notes of what went well and what didn’t, people you need to call/email, or new projects or priorities that might be on the horizon.

The problem with recording this information digitally is that you have to be behind a computer to record outcomes and capture ideas. Having this in a print format allows you to take this with you while walking out in the Gemba, or if you go offsite to reflect on progress. Rather than getting trapped behind a screen recording information digitally, capture information in an analog fashion and provide a tactile learning experience for yourself.

SDCA (Standardize-Do-Check-Act) Daily Management Journal & 52 Week Leader Standard Work Planner is available in Paperback on Amazon.

My next book will be published in Q1 of 2023. Watch this page for when the book is available or join my email list to stay up to date on my progress.

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