Books & Resources

The War Within Us: Learn Acceptance, Build Resilience & Create Work:Life Harmony now available in Trade Paperback and eBook formats.

Companion Journal and Workbook for “The War Within Us: Learn Acceptance, Build Resilience & Create Work:Life Harmony” available in paperback

Always Improving: Lessons from the samurai™ is now available on Amazon in Trade Paperback, Audio & E-Book formats.

Companion Workbook & Journal for the book “Always Improving: Lessons from the samurai” available in paperback

Learning To Climb: Lessons from the mountains, applied in the boardroom.

Learning to Climb is available at no charge in exchange for your email address.

This journal is a 52 Week Leaders Standard Work Planner. It is set up with 4 Quarters each with 12 Weeks of Daily Tracking and 1 Week of Quarterly Planning (Standardize/Do). This journal also has a weekly Hansei (self-reflection) practice built in as part of the Weekly Review to do a regular adjustment (Check/Action).

The intention behind this 52 Week Journal is to capture each week’s tasks and reflections all in one place. As you go through each week, keep notes of what went well and what didn’t, people you need to call/email, or new projects or priorities that might be on the horizon.

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