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Always Improving:Lessons from the samurai™ is now available on Amazon in Trade Paperback & E-Book formats. Audio version coming soon!

Always Improving:Lessons from the samurai™ Journal & Workbook is also available on Amazon in Trade Paperback

Testimonials for the book

Bushidō in a practical and actionable format! (click to read full review)

“The first book I have read that applies the eight virtues of Bushidō in a practical and actionable format. Combining positive psychology and samurai wisdom, Always Improving: Lessons from the samurai, is a humanistic approach to kaizen (change for the better) and living life authentically with the concept of Work:Life Harmony.”

A book worth reading not only for Quality & Project Management professionals, but for anyone wanting to apply samurai wisdom to both their professional and personal life to improve themselves.” – Nicholas Kemp

 Is like having an interactive conversation with a coach (click to read full review)

“This is the first book I have read around continuous improvement that made me reflect on myself, my authentic self. I feel like this life:work harmony is what’s been missing from my career.” – Jo Sosa

“I am reading ‘Always Improving: Lessons from the Samurai’ by Steve Beauchamp. I’m trying to process his thoughts as they might apply to healthcare. How they apply to medicine itself are going to take me some deeper thinking but how it applies to the process of medicine can and does get applied to health care almost daily. ” – Dan Eickmeier

Great book for those looking to excel at work and in life

“Continuous incremental improvements may not sound very exciting, but it is the only way to achieve your goals once you have found your center.” – Zaher Hulays

“Lots of food for thought presented from a different perspective. I have read many similar books over the years related to the topics discussed.  Depending on life experiences at any give time in one’s life;  how a topic is explained and how a person processes information can make a big difference in the number of aha moments. I always found it challenging to tackle all suggestions at the same time so often it would be just one thing to work on.  In your book the first two paragraphs of chapter 6 were my aha moments.  Although I had read about compassion many times, this explanation opened my eyes a bit more…so thank you for that.” – T.P.

 Easily the Best Self-Help Book This Year

“If you’ve been struggling with purpose, balance, or any part of your personal and professional development, you have to get this book. The author lays out a simple program for focusing in on what it is you’re really working for, and achieving that balance through time-honoured principles of action.

The accompanying (free) workbook and journal are an invaluable resource as well. As a coach, trainer, and professional I’m constantly reading and looking for new ideas to both implement in my own life and share with my clients. I can say, without hesitation, this is one of the best books I’ve read on the subject of improvement this year.” – Steve Baric