If you’re a Continuous Improvement Professional, and want to avoid feeling burned out then… 

Might I suggest that you seriously consider developing your own personal kokorozashi (志)? 

If you haven’t heard of this before it is in short, from the Japanese language and translates as “the heart of a samurai”. It also has been more modernly referred to as a personal professional mission one embarks upon for their lifetime. It is not simply setting goals it is much bigger than that.

One of the benefits of developing a kokorozashi is that it helps you identify where your north star is. One needs to understand where north lies if one hopes that a map & compass would be of any use.

Without your kokorozashi it becomes a struggle to have much of a professional pursuit. You are often going to be feeling worn out, exhausted and maybe even anxious about the idea of going to work on Monday.

If you are regularly thanking your maker that Friday came and are dreading Monday, chances are you don’t have a kokorozashi.

It is something that helps you stay steady when things seem uncertain and helps you find your way out of the storm when the clouds and weather roll in.

“It is the Japanese spirit to pursue something in a subdued but sustained manner, rather than, in flamboyant fashion, seek short-lived satisfaction of momentary needs.” – Ken Mogi

Your kokorozashi is not something that will be short lived or simply a means to an end, it so much bigger than that. It is your meaning behind the professional pursuit that you have for your life.

It should flow out of the core values that make you who you are and should be used as a litmus test to decide what things you will or won’t do as it relates to your work.

It guides you, gives you a greater sense of control over the things you have control over and ultimately creates the work:life harmony that you are seeking.

So, if you are currently struggling with feeling overwhelmed and you can see burn out on the horizon with no exit in sight, reach out.  There is better way to go about what you are trying to do.

Send me a DM or an email and let’s set up a time to chat to give you the help you need to set you on the path that was designed for you and only you.

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