How to avoid feeling like a fraud If you’re a Continuous Improvement Professional

Step 1: I would recommend doing some internal inventory on yourself. 

Do you feel like you struggle to find meaning in your day-to-day life? 

I think a lot of us would say no to that question automatically. But if you really start to unpack that a little bit more, I think we would all find that the things we are choosing to say yes to on a daily basis really don’t resonate with our authentic selves. 

That is what I mean when I ask that question. Said another way, is your authentic self given the opportunity to shine through? Do you even know who your authentic self is anymore?

I think at some point in our lives we just say to ourselves, it’s time to grow up and be an adult. We give up on the things that truly bring joy to our lives and settle on the idea that as adults we should live dull, disconnected lives.

If you ask me, that is a terrible way to live. Who the hell wants to live like that? If you do, you should probably stop reading now and unfollow me, disconnect or whatever. 

Because the bottom line is that I believe our work needs to flow from that kind of place that brings joy if we have any hope of finding resonance in our lives.

Our professional pursuit that we choose to live out on a daily basis cannot be disconnected from our authentic selves.  If it is disconnected, we risk not having a vital thing and that is work:life harmony.

I personally think work:life balance is bullshit, I don’t think it exists. But work:life harmony on the other hand, that is something that I can relate to.

I believe our personal lives and our professional lives will rarely be able to balance each other perfectly but I think it is absolutely possible for our work and our leisure time to be in harmony with each other.

So how do you get there? Well, it really isn’t as esoteric or abstract as you might think it is. Really it is about finding your true authentic self (discovering your ikigai), and then from that place you develop your professional pursuit (your kokorozashi). 

Your kokorozashi is something that is much bigger than a vision statement.

It should be thought of as the bigger meaning and reason for the professional endeavors that you have chosen to take on. It is something that could take you a lifetime to achieve so it isn’t just a goal you set for yourself. 

It is big, really big, and has a solid connection to making society a better place to live. This isn’t about accumulating a bunch of crap or a fancy junk, this is about being in service to others.

If you would like to know how you can learn how to do this, send me a PM. I have a new group coaching cohort starting soon for my program The Obvious Route™ and I still have some spots left.

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