Would you rather have your dream job or your dream life?

For the most part, the project managers and quality professionals I talk to believe that we have to choose, the perfect job or the perfect personal life. But rarely do I find anyone who believes that you can have both.

So why can’t we? I have found this is because we are all stuck in the belief that our jobs/businesses just need to feel like work and then we wait until the weekend so that we can feel alive again. Sound familiar?

I used to think this way too. I would struggle my way through the week with the promise that the weekend would come and I could escape from the fire fighting and wild goose chasing that typically fill the week.

I would argue that if you are waiting for Friday to come and dread Monday arriving that you are definitely not in a dream job. No matter how much money they are paying you or what perks they offer. Likely this is affecting your personal life negatively.

Do you know what shifted for me? It was when I started to realize that I could have a dream job and also be building a personal life that was very much connected to that job. I started to believe that work is there for me to be able to truly live. I no longer live to work, but work so that I can truly live. This is where inner harmony starts for me.

If you are sacrificing yourself and your personal interests for the job you have there isn’t a lot of inner harmony being built there. There is a lot of resentment that is being stored up though, this much I am sure of.

When I think about having to choose between work and life it feels like a fools choice and an endless cycle of having to justify canceling personal plans to accommodate the work. It doesn’t to me feel like there is any justice there for us personally. So what should we do about it?

When we start to connect more deeply with our authentic selves we start to see how the disconnection between work and life can drive a wedge into other areas of our lives. These unintended consequences can leave us feeling helpless and hopeless. Not feelings that any of us want.

When we are able to start building more inner harmony between work and life for ourselves a lovely byproduct is that those around us start to do the same. Our emotions are contagious and when we are building more work:life harmony we start to show up with more positive energy which starts to spark others to do the same.

So where do we start? We start by building that connection to our authentic selves, then the work we are doing becomes more authentically us and the lives we lead become more authentically us which then builds a stronger connection. It becomes a perpetual cycle.

I have found a great way to build that connection is by discovering your ikigai. If you would like to know how you can show up more authentically for yourself, your family & your work by discovering your ikigai, send me a PM and let’s schedule a call I would be happy to talk to you.

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