Creating Work:Life Harmony Through Compassion

As I have been on my journey of creating Work:Life Harmony in my life, I have had to learn the importance of showing sympathy and compassion to myself.

Sympathy for what seems like a long list of life events that keeps growing. Sympathy for how I am handling those situations or how I am not doing a great job of handling them.

As I have been learning to show compassion to myself, it helps me realize that I make mistakes. I am not perfect, I might even make a mistake today. But that doesn’t make me any less than who I am, it just means I made a mistake.

The thing is, if I am learning from the mistakes I am making and putting in the effort to correct the next time, that is a win. Sure, I failed at something. Big deal. Failure isn’t a negative thing at all unless you make it negative.

“I never lose. I either win or I learn.” – Nelson Mandela

When I have failure happen, I look at it as a way to learn what to do the next time. Life is an experiment if you think about it. We get up each day and try out a few things. Some of those things we have tried before and we know that outcomes to expect, others we don’t.

The outcomes that we get from the things we are trying are helping us decide what to do the next time, whether that is tomorrow or the next. 

Those outcomes help us decide how to talk to others, how to interact with others, how to show compassion to them and generally just how to move through the world.

I’ve made this connection recently for myself: Compassion is very closely connected to learning. If we aren’t showing compassion, healthy learning becomes difficult and near impossible.

So rather than beating yourself up when you make a mistake or fail, try showing compassion and remind yourself that you are only learning. Reframe the negative into a positive and see how that changes your perspective.

This is how we learn new things, and open up new possibilities. When we stick with a learning attitude throughout life, we will not forget that truth. What mistake did you make that you need to show yourself compassion?

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