Finding harmony where you’d least expect it

I sent my final edits to my editor over the weekend

The last chunk of my edits have been sent in. The title and subtitle of my book have been selected. Now we transition into the publishing side of the work.

Admittedly, I have no idea of what this next stage will look like. But, I am told this is a little more process oriented as opposed to the creative oriented side of the writing. So, I think this will make sense to my brain.

Something that has stuck with me throughout this entire process, and I am sure will remain for some time to come, is the idea of chōwa. This acceptance of the situation we find ourselves in and finding the natural balance in it.

Sure there have been times during this process thus far that have been hard, frustration, filled with joy, and a lot of other emotions. But overall, it has been teaching me to constantly be aware of this harmony that exists around me. I just need to tune in to it.

So many of us keep ourselves distracted by the variety of digital screens that surround our lives that we forget about the importance of being disconnected from them. In order to find the harmony that I am talking about, we need to look inwardly and then find how we connect to our world.

If we aren’t taking the time to regularly pause and step back, we will likely continue to feel like there is no harmony and that it doesn’t exist. I can assure you that it does exist, we only need to slow down and stop regularly to find it.

What that looks like can be different for everyone, for me it looks like going out to the mountains and sleeping in a tent. When I am there, I am away from my screens, email, notifications, and other distractions. I helps me process, to think, and to find that connection to the natural balance around me.

So, as I transition into the publishing side of my journey, I will continue to look for those moments of harmony and the feeling of that natural balance. I encourage you to do the same today. If you’re feeling like there is no harmony and there can never be any balance, natural or man-made, don’t give up hope.

Take some time away from your screens, go for a walk in a park. Go sit on a bench and observe your surroundings and take it all in. 

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