In Case You Missed It…2022 Podcast Interviews

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I thought I would put together a list of the different podcasts that I had the honor of being interviewed on for 2022 where I talked about my book: “Always Improving: Lessons from the samurai”. In these interviews, I talk about everything from how I grew up, to some of the experiences that led directly to me becoming more interested in learning about the samurai, and also how I apply the Bushidō code to my life and career.

Ikigai Tribe Podcast

When we hear the term Bushido, we imagine the Japanese samurai and think of it as something related to martial arts. But the principle of Bushido can actually be applied to some aspects of our lives and help us gain continuous improvement.

In this episode of the Ikigai Podcast, Nick speaks with Steve Beauchamp about how people can integrate Bushido into their lives.

Will Reed, Prof of Samurai History & Culture

Interview with Will Reed

In this interview, Will asks a series of questions that both he and his students have about how Bushidō can be more universally interpreted and applied to our everyday lives.

Threads of Enlightenment

In this interview, Ken Primus unpacks some of the childhood and adulthood traumas that ultimately led to me writing my book.

52 Weeks of Empowerment

In this informative episode, Steve helps our listeners tap into the practices of the samurai; a very disciplined group who followed the 8 virtues of the Bushido code – Righteousness, Loyalty, Honor, Respect, Honesty, Courage and Consistency. All of these virtues lend themselves in today’s professional world toward a more balanced approach to work and life. As we close 2022, this helps us end the year as we began, with a mindset of abundance and a better way to move forward toward 2023.

More to come

There are still a few more interviews that haven’t been recorded or released. As they become available I will be posting about them. I appreciate all of the support that you have shown in following my blog and purchasing my books. 2022 was a year full of surprises for me, and 2023 is shaping up to be the same way. Embrace the moments you have and live each day fully. To your continued improvement.

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