Setting Intention For The Year Requires Some Changes For Me

Inspired from a workshop recently led by Saori Okada & Nicholas Kemp, I am posting my intention, or theme for the year.

I didn’t realize that the Japanese have a term or word for this called kaki-zome (書き初め) which is a whole other post and conversation most likely.

But the overall idea behind it is that you decide on a word that best describes your intention for your life for the year and then draw that kanji character and keep it with you for the year in a place that you see it often.

Anyway my intention for this coming year is “harmony”. The Japanese word and character that I found that best describes what I mean by this is wa (和). It refers to a peaceful harmony and one of acceptance of things.

I am seeking to have more harmony in my life from a work and personal perspective this coming year and am intentionally making changes to my routine to support this.

This is so much more than just being ok with what happens around me, but it is going to require me to make different decisions that resonate more with the person that I want to become. I have already made adjustments to my morning routine and am making changes to my evening routine as well.

For me this is more than what some would call a new years resolution, this is about fundamentally creating more resonance with my authentic self. To be able to show others my authentic self more easily, to have more harmony between my work and leisure and to build better relationships with those people that mean a lot to me.

And so here it is, my attempt at drawing the kanji character for wa, I don’t have a shodo set to be able to use a brush and ink, so I am just using my calligraphy pens for now. I hope that doesn’t offend any shodo practitioners, if it does please accept my apologies.

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