Questions I ask myself on my birthday…

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So today is my birthday. Turned 47 this year. I think the time of year around my birthday always causes me to become reflective.

Am I doing the things in my life that I really want to be doing? Am I really making a difference in the lives of the people around me? 

Due to the fact that my birthday falls around the time of year when the spring blossoms are out (cherry blossoms, tulips, etc.), I am reminded of the fleeting nature of things.

Every season has an end and a beginning. So if I am feeling like I need to adjust the hobbies I am doing because I am just not feeling it anymore, I give myself permission to let it go. 

If I see something that interests me that I don’t know much about, I look at it as an opportunity to learn something new. 

Everything in life has a circular motion to it, if you allow yourself to sit and ponder it long enough. Everything we see around us is in this circular process much like PDCA. I also believe that everything has the potential to be on that improvement cycle as well.

I can look at some of the hobbies that don’t interest me anymore. Is it because I really don’t like them or is it because it doesn’t interest me because I need to push to a new level?

I recently started exploring this idea in the work I do. I started to discover that there are things I have been taking for granted at face value. So, I have begun to dig deeper, to learn more, to study more and also innovate on those ideas once I build a deeper understanding of them.

We aren’t here on this planet to just coast, we should be learning as much as we can about ourselves and the environment we find ourselves in. 

I guess the big question is…

How do I want to start living differently? If this month or week was the last that I had to live, would I change the hobbies that I have? Would I change how I interact with people? Would I change the work that I engage in?

Ok so maybe those are a few big questions, but necessary to answer for ourselves. Life is fleeting, we don’t know how much time we have left, so why not make sure that you are living each day with full confidence that you wouldn’t change anything? 

Have you taken a moment to consider these questions? I recommend that you do if haven’t. 

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