Upcoming Opportunity: Virtual Ikigai Retreat

I posted a poll a few weeks ago with the question: If you had a chance to attend a workshop on Work:Life Harmony would you go?

These are the results of that poll:

  • Yes = 51%
  • Maybe = 17%
  • No = 32%

One way that I have found to build more Work:Life Harmony was through the process of discovering my ikigai. This journey helped me understand what it means to live authentically.

There are a lot of things going on in the world today that can steal your joy if you let it. There are also a lot of things that are threatening the lives of people that you might live beside or even maybe you. For example, lack of safe workplaces, supreme court rulings, global pandemics, etc. 

These types of events can have negative effects on our Work:Life Harmony and cause us to feel like we are losing control. But taking the time to discover our ikigai can help restore some of the control to our lives that we are missing.

We have a limited amount of control in this world and it can be summed up as the things that you decide to do every day. It is vital that we are able to live in such a way that we find meaning and joy in the day-to-day activities that we are choosing to do.

So I started thinking, what if I offered a virtual two day retreat where me and a group of individuals could go through this process together. The outcome of which would provide everyone with a clear understanding of who they are and what makes them get out of bed each day.

If you’ve followed me for a little while, you will know that I regularly talk about the Japanese concept of ikigai. (Spoiler alert it isn’t the Venn diagram that you likely have seen)

Ikigai is not an easy concept to define, but a beginning point could be “what makes life worth living”. So yeah, that is going to be different for each and every one of us, hence the challenge in a definition.

Since I have learned more about what ikigai is, it has made me look deeper inside myself and unpack things that I didn’t really know was there. It has helped me become more mindful, and has also helped me develop more Work:Life Harmony.

So, if you are struggling a little bit with a lack of harmony or if you’d just like to create even more harmony in your life, this retreat might be for you.

If you’d like to learn more about this retreat I will be opening up my schedule to see if it might be a good fit for both of us to work on this together. 

I look forward to hearing from you, be sure to put in the comments that you are interested in the ikigai retreat.

#ikigai #worklifeharmony #mindfulness #authenticself

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