Things are getting a little exciting over here…Book Cover Sneak Peak!!

Book cover mock-up “Always Improving: Lessons from the samurai”

As I mentioned earlier this week, the proof copies have been ordered for my new book. I am like a little kid wanting to open presents on xmas morning. Only thing is, the box hasn’t arrived yet so I can’t open it…ugh.

What I am most excited about is being able to share this book with all of you. I have received so much support and encouragement from you all throughout this journey and I am so close to being able to do that.

I will be releasing the book on Amazon and it will be available on all of the English speaking Amazon sites. So whether you are in the U.K., Australia, New Zealand, N. America, and a few others I am forgetting, you can order it direct from there.

My goal is to have it available in a few weeks, but need to wait until I see the proof copy before a release date is set.  Keep watching LinkedIn and my blog for my update on that soon. 

Here is a sneak peak on what the cover will look like

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