The proof copy of my book arrived today…it turned out amazing.

Always Improving: Lessons from the samurai – proof copy

The look, the feel, the formatting, all of it turned out the way that I envisioned. Which feels amazing because I was navigating this by myself.

I have noticed a few errors I need to correct and then get everything prepped for the ebook version of the book as well.

My plan is to have it available within the next two weeks!! I’m both equally excited and nervous all at once. Anyway, I was so stoked I had to share even though I don’t normally post on a Friday.

Have an amazing weekend friends, be on the lookout for the release date. My goal right now is the week of August 15th. I will be posting a confirmation about that soon.

#worklifeharmony #myfirstbook #selfpublishing #alwaysimproving #ikigai

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