Are you feeling more like a “firefighter” than a leader?

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That is, you feel like you have to put out the “flames” of bad business decisions made by others. Do you often feel that you don’t have control over your time or future? Perhaps you need to learn how to work and live with more harmony utilizing the thoughts and techniques of ancient samurai warriors.

Many times we just don’t know how to get started to find the harmony we want. What I have discovered is, you can learn how to integrate the Bushidō and Continuous Improvement principles to do exactly that. We all have the capability to shape the direction we want our lives to take, and the people who we want to serve in our professional pursuits.

The big question that you need to answer for yourself is:

Am I living to work, or am I working to be able to truly live?

If you are interested in getting some help with this, consider checking out my new book that I wrote on this subject: Always Improving: Lessons from the samurai. Here is the link to purchase either a Paperback or eBook on Amazon:

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