It is official…my book has been published and is available for purchase

Always Improving book cover

This has been a long road for me but it has been a pretty great one. It is interesting to me how when we choose to tackle hard things that it usually has a positive effect on us.

Maybe this is because we are internally wired to want to hard things? Or perhaps this is just something that I like to do to myself 🙂

I have learned so much about myself throughout this process and have had many of you offering encouragement and support to me. That has meant the world to me. It has helped me believe more in myself and have more confidence in my network. For that I am grateful.

You will most likely see me posting a lot about my book over the coming weeks, for that I am unapologetic. I am really proud of the end result of the book and feel like I want to tell everyone and genuinely believe that it can help others.

Someone asked me a little while back, “Who did you write the book for?” 

My response after I gave it a little bit of thought was, “A much younger version of me.” I wrote this book because I wished that someone would have given something like this to me when I was starting my journey as a new leader and project manager.

This process of writing the book gave me the opportunity to look back over my career and my life and realize that there have been a lot of really great moments. Sure there are moments of sorrow and angst mixed into those great moments but it helped highlight the great ones.

I genuinely hope you enjoy the book. If you would like to discuss anything about the book I would be happy to have a conversation just send me a message and let’s set up a time to chat.

Here is the link to purchase my book:

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