My book Always Improving has been out for about 2 weeks…here is what readers are saying

Always Improving Books

“The first book I have read that applies the eight virtues of Bushidō in a practical and actionable format. Combining positive psychology and samurai wisdom, Always Improving: Lessons from the samurai, is a humanistic approach to kaizen (change for the better) and living life authentically with the concept of Work:Life Harmony.” A book worth reading not only for Quality & Project Management professionals, but for anyone wanting to apply samurai wisdom to both their professional and personal life to improve themselves.” – Nicholas Kemp

“This is the first book I have read around continuous improvement that made me reflect on myself, my authentic self. I feel like this life:work harmony is what’s been missing from my career.” – Jo Sosa

“I am reading ‘Always Improving: Lessons from the Samurai’ by Steve Beauchamp. I’m trying to process his thoughts as they might apply to healthcare. How they apply to medicine itself are going to take me some deeper thinking but how it applies to the process of medicine can and does get applied to health care almost daily. ” – Dan Eickmeier

I have been working on putting my own process for creating work:life harmony into words for about a year, took me about 6 months to capture those thoughts and put them into the end product you can see today.

If you haven’t grabbed your copy yet, head on over to Amazon and either search for “Always Improving” in the search bar or follow this link to the book page:

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