The grass might always be greener…but you still have to mow it

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I’m looking around at the current job market and see that many people seem to be unhappy with their current circumstance of work. If this weren’t true, why are so many people changing jobs?

In 2022 polls done on US workers earlier this year, link:,very%20satisfied%E2%80%9D%20with%20their%20jobs.

💥 Nearly two-thirds (65.07%) of employed workers are actively looking for a new job in 2022; only 3.35% do not plan to change roles this year.

💥 46.88% of workers are either dissatisfied with their job on some level or are simply glad to be employed; meanwhile, only 15.79% rate themselves as “very satisfied” with their jobs.

Not really great statistics. Now I don’t trust reported statistics if I don’t get to see how they calculated everything, but even if they were mostly true, this doesn’t look too good.

But I wonder how many of these people that are voting for being dissatisfied have the “grass is always greener” mentality? How many of these people are just struggling with a bit of FOMO (fear of missing out)?

I am not suggesting that all of the work environments in the US are stellar. I have worked in a few that weren’t great. I wonder though how much of the dissatisfaction stems from the fact that people aren’t taking care of themselves first.

They aren’t taking the time to build Work:Life Harmony within themselves first and expecting everyone else around them to do it for them. And think that this other company must treat their people much better because of what I see from the outside.

Perhaps there is an answer to our dissatisfaction with work that lies within us. We really only have control over one thing in this world. Our #choices.

The thing we need to remember is, if we are unhappy with the current circumstance we find ourselves in, we may unknowingly re-create the same conditions somewhere else. Even if we aren’t directly responsible for how the current culture and environment exist around us.

The choices we are making today, will affect a future version of ourselves. It will not necessarily be easy to see the result of our choices quickly, but we will at some point. Let’s make sure that we aren’t the source of the dissatisfaction before we start making major life changes, i.e. a new job.

If we all started choosing to build more Work:Life Harmony, we would all move a little closer to our authentic selves. Maybe this would help us all be more productive at work. If we were all more productive at work, perhaps our organizations could run smoother and more profitably. This in turn might create a better working environment. Just a thought.

However, I am not blind to the fact that a lot of the weight of how a business culture operates is largely due to how management shows up. So if you are a leader and feel like you are a part of the stats I showed above, consider checking out my book: “Always Improving: Lessons from the samurai”. 

If you are part of a leadership team and want me to speak to your team, reach out and let’s chat.

In this book, I teach you how to build more Work:Life Harmony. First looking deep inside ourselves and work on strengthening our core values and then by appreciating the things in life that we find meaning in. The coaching I provide will explore these topics more deeply and provides accountability for change to occur.

If you want to check out my book here is a link to Amazon where you can grab yourself a copy. Hurry though, the introductory friends and family price will be expiring soon.

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