Are you looking for more ways to improve?

Always Improving book with metal water bottle

By now most of you know that I published my first book a few weeks ago. Things are going well with the launch and now I’m looking for 5 individuals who want to be a part of a Case Study where you will learn how to build more #worklifeharmony with me.

Step by step we’ll walk through the process together. It’s simple and it works. This isn’t a DIY self-paced course, this is going to be live 1:1 and group calls. We will be using my book “Always Improving: Lessons from the samurai” as a reference and a text book.

We start on Oct 3, 2022 and will be finished before American Thanksgiving.

So if you are;

👉 Interested in building more Work:Life Harmony

👉 Want to find more #meaning in your work

👉 #Motivated to find a better way to approach each day

👉 Willing to invest 2-3 hours/week for 8 weeks in yourself and your #wellbeing

👉 Willing to invest 💵 in yourself and your #personaldevelopment

👉 This might be for you…

As a bonus, you will get 1:1 access to me every other week for a 20 minute call. These spots will be offered at a large discount over what I would normally charge for 8 weeks of coaching because I am looking for some people who are willing to test some things out. 

It won’t be super polished and produced, but it will be life changing. If this is something that interests you please reach out to me via email and I’ll get you more details shortly.

Here is the link to the book #alwaysimproving on Amazon if you’d like to grab a copy to learn more:

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