Sneak peak into what is coming soon!!

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So I have been overwhelmed by the support and the encouragement that I have been getting from my network for my book “Always Improving: Lessons from the samurai”. So if you are among the many who have grabbed your copy, thank you 🙏 . If you haven’t grabbed a copy yet, here is a universal link you can use from anywhere in the world:

I am even more surprised by the requests I have been getting to have a companion workbook that goes along with the book. Now I am a firm believer in not overprocessing anything (probably my CI Training coming through here). But if a client is asking for more support, I am inclined to help them if it makes sense and is in line with my ability to help.

It made sense to me to create a companion journal to go with the book so I figured let’s do it. So I present to you the first glimpse of the new Journal & Workbook that will accompany the Always Improving book. It will be available in paperback only and is sized a bit bigger than the book to make it easier to fill out and use.

I have a few edits to make before it goes into publication, but it should be available before the end of the month.

Keep watching here and on the social media channels for when it is officially published and ready for you to grab your copy.

Always Improving Journal & Workbook

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