Thank you to all who have purchased my book…you might have missed something though

Laptop with book and coffee

I am about 2 weeks into the launch of my book and I am grateful for everyone who has supported me by grabbing a copy.

And the feedback you have been giving me has been very heart warming to say the least. To those of you who have reached out with different business opportunities beyond the book, I am blown away and honored that you would consider to partner with me on some projects.

I wanted to point out something that some of you may have missed in your excitement to start reading. There is a complimentary electronic Journal & Workbook that you can get to enhance your learning and to help the concepts solidify more deeply for you.

I use this Journal for myself during my morning journalling practice and wanted to share it with you. So if you missed the link at the beginning of the book here it is: 

If you haven’t bought the book yet, go check it out anyway, you might realize that the book would be a great addition to your library after reviewing the journal. 

You can print the journal out as many times as you wish so you can disconnect from a screen and sit with your thoughts while you journal.

Would you like some accountability for what you are learning in the book? Are you interested in getting more support beyond what the book can offer? Set up a call with me we can discuss coaching options that I can offer you. Book a call here:

Are you a part of group that is reading the book together or interested in doing a group book study? I can support group coaching calls to go through the book as a group as well. Book a call and let’s chat. 

Keep on improving,


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